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What is LibreLinkUp?

LibreLinkUp is a free mobile app that allows parents and other caregivers to receive glucose readings from a loved one who uses FreeStyle LibreLink to scan their FreeStyle Libre sensor.

Once you have installed the app and accepted an invitation to connect from a FreeStyle LibreLink user, you will receive their glucose information on your smartphone each time they scan their FreeStyle Libre sensor. LibreLinkUp does not need to be open or running for you to receive notifications; notifications can be viewed on your smartphone’s lock screen.

LibreLinkUp allows caregivers to make connections with up to 20 FreeStyle LibreLink users. Likewise, FreeStyle LibreLink users can share glucose information with up to 20 LibreLinkUp connections.

What’s the difference between FreeStyle LibreLink and LibreLinkUp?

FreeStyle LibreLink enables users to monitor their glucose using a smartphone and a FreeStyle Libre sensor. It is designed for people with diabetes.

LibreLinkUp enables users to receive glucose readings on their smartphones whenever a loved one scans a FreeStyle Libre sensor using FreeStyle LibreLink. It is designed primarily for parents and caregivers. Anyone can download the app, but you must be invited by a FreeStyle LibreLink user to start receiving their glucose information. LibreLinkUp cannot be used to scan FreeStyle Libre sensors.

A FreeStyle LibreLink user does not need the LibreLinkUp app on their own phone to share glucose data with family and friends.

What smartphones are compatible with LibreLinkUp?

LibreLinkUp is compatible with many popular Android and iOS smartphones. Your phone must meet the following requirements:

  • Android OS 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 10 or higher
  • Wi-Fi or a cellular data plan
How do I get the LibreLinkUp app?

If you have an Android smartphone, You can download the app here.

If you have an iPhone, You can download the app here.

LibreLinkUp shows data from FreeStyle LibreLink

LibreLinkUp allows you to see glucose data shared by people who use the FreeStyle LibreLink app and FreeStyle Libre sensors.

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